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When it's time to determine whether home-based care is the best option, please understand your rights and options before making the decision.  You can transition your loved one from agency based care to consumer directed care. Consumer direction means that you hire the attendant and are the employer.  You do not have to go through a healthcare agency and use their attendants.  You can have someone in the home provide the care if the patient needs can be met by doing so.  The administration of medication, bathing, walking and transporting do not have to be performed by a nurse.  However, if the level of care needed requires the assistance of a skilled professional (wound vacs, dressing changes, oxygen administration, etc.) the nurse can still provide these services for you based on the hours they are onsite administering the care.  The other hours of attendant care and respite services can be billed by the person you have employed to provide the care (family member, neighbor, other relative).  The only stipulation is that if the patient is a minor, the parent(s) cannot be the attendant on the EDCD Waiver.  If the patient is over the age of 18, the parent, grandparents or any other person can be the attendant.

As your service Facilitator I will explain your options and help you determine the best plan of care for your family member.  I will determine the number of hours needed weekly based on the level of care required.  The level of care is assessed using the UAI (Uniform Assessment Instrument) that is filled out by the physician at the Local Health Department, the social worker and the public nurse.  Once your paperwork is submitted to the proper agencies, I will be available to assist you with any circumstances that may arise in between my 30 day visits to your home.